Private Divorce Mediation

Private Divorce Mediation may be the answer you are looking for in determining a parenting plan for your family.

Imagine; Your relationship with your spouse or partner is over. You have decided that it is time to end your relationship and are not sure how to make the transition. If you have children the romantic relationship ends however the parenting relationship never ends and it transitions into co-parenting. The family never ends.

You may be feeling vulnerable and fragile. You probably never thought you would be at this point, and now, you may disagree about how to share the children. Sometimes, ending a relationship has inherent trauma but your hope is to protect your children.

Some parents ended their relationship long ago, however, still cannot agree upon a parenting plan or sharing plan for their children, their disagreement may become emotional and contentious.

As a parent, you may try to avoid escalating disagreements with your co-parent, but in this matter, neither of you seem willing to budge. You wonder and ask yourself, “Why is this happening, what are my options?” You may think, “This is really overwhelming, I want to resolve this for the sake of my children.”

In disputes regarding children, most parents find the best solution is self-determined, with little intervention, if none at all by the Court. However, parents who cannot agree upon a parenting plan are often thrown into the Family Court Services system for court ordered mediation. For most parents, this is something they want to avoid at all costs. Court mediations are often rushed, with little or no consideration given to the parents’ concerns or declarations. A written recommendation is made to the court, and has the potential to be in effect for many years.

As an alternative to Court ordered mediation, Private Mediation gives you and your co-parent the time and opportunity to be heard by a trained professional. You will have time to breathe… and consider many different parenting options. In Private Mediation, the goal is for you and your co-parent to feel supported, even as you disagree; your concerns will be discussed and your declarations will be read. Your children will be the priority in Private Mediation.

With over ten years of experience as a Mediator and a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach Dorcy has worked with thousands of parents facing the same issues you currently face. Dorcy understands the importance of being heard and understood, especially when it comes to your children. In working with Dorcy, some of the goals in Private Mediation are to build bridges between you and your co-parent, to give each of you the skills necessary in shared decision making and to make things better for everyone involved, for the long-term, to avoid parenting disputes in the future.

Please feel free to contact Dorcy for further information and to find out how you can participate in Private Mediation.

With Conscious Co-Parenting Institute being the exclusive Country Manager and training company for the Divorce Hotel™ in the US and Canada, we provide the highest caliber of private Divorce Mediator training in the specific methodology to assist families with the divorcing process. Our mediators are trained and partner with the world’s leading Co-parenting coaches to assist parents and families in making the transition to living in the new family paradigm post separation and divorce.

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