DivorceHotel Mediation

The DivorceHotel procedure is based on 3 steps:

1. Intake:

The mediator assesses whether DivorceHotel is right for you at this time and also helps you to understand what further information will be required (for example property and/or pension valuations). Getting this information early on in the process will ensure that you will be able to conclude your divorce in an efficient manner.

2. Divorce procedure:

The mediator helps you and your partner work together to find a divorce settlement that works for the both of you – this will happen as you spend two days in one of our luxury hotels.

3. Settlement:

The mediator finalizes the separation for you and your partner.


When you decide to work with DivorceHotel to finalize your divorce agreement, you know right from the start exactly how much it will cost and when the process will end.


For a divorce based on the Divorce Hotel concept, our affiliated hotel Divorce Mediators will guide you through the divorce and the legal process.

Call our mediators now via: tel. +1 888-379-7279 or send us a message via our Contact Form and we will check where the closest DivorceHotel is for you!

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